Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Powers of Love, A Heartfelt Purpose

ETSY is a wonderful platform for handcraft artists to share their talents AND make a little money, maybe evening a living.  But how about bringing a family together?  That is just what Lisa, the owner and designer behind the online ETSY store “Powers of Love” is trying to do.
Newborn Earflap Aviator Hat-Photo Prop
Newborn Earflap Aviator Hat
     Lisa, a proud owner of 3 “very spoiled” dogs and wife of 13 years to a wonderful husband, learned to crochet when she was just a pre-teen.  A few years ago Lisa re-kindled her passion for crocheting when she discovered a love for making hats for family and friends.  She credits her niece for fanning the flame, asking her to make her a “beanie.”  When asked what her favorite items in her ETSY store are, she responded, “I like all the items in my shop, but if I had to pick a favorite I would say it is a toss-up between the slouchy newsboys and the black newsboy hat with star buttons. “
     So why did Lisa decide to turn her hobby into an online business?  And how did she decide on the Powers of Love name?  Lisa and her husband have longed to have children but have struggled with infertility.  After several years and a lot of research, the couple decided to pursue adoption through the foster care system.  Despite the defrayed cost compared to infant adoption, the process is still very expensive.  Under the encouragement of a family friend, Lisa opened her store to help raise money towards the adoption process.  While discussing the store, a friend made the comment to Lisa that she “should not give up hope of having a family because one day the ‘Powers of Love’ will bring us together with a child or children and make us a family.”  Lisa’s maiden name is Powers, and hence Powers of Love was born.  
      I asked Lisa to tell me a little more about her desire to be a mom and the decision to pursue adoption.  Her words on the subject are both moving and inspirational.  Grab a tissue as you read why both she and her husband are pursuing this option for parenthood.
 “We started out wanting 1-2 children, that changed to 2-3, and now we said we would take anywhere from 2-4. We would love a sibling group.  We both desperately want to be parents. We love children, and know they would add so much to our lives. We know that it won't always be easy, that there will be tears, joy, sorrow, pain, and trials, but we know that we will get through them. We are here to love the children unconditionally, give them a forever home, kiss their scrapes, dry their tears, listen to their tantrums, help them through the hard times, and hold them tight. Hopefully someday we will be able to make a foster child/children's dream of a forever family a reality and they will be able to make our dream of having a family come true.”
     Lisa reports that overall, selling on ETSY has been a great experience.  She has made many new connections, met wonderful people, and joined several teams, such as Team Ignored on Etsy, Promotional Frenzy Team, Fun and Friends Promotion Team, and Etsy Promotion Forum to name a few.  Alchemy was a friend to her business by providing custom orders, one that she misses with its discontinuance, but she continues to build her business and look to the future.
I asked Lisa for 5 random facts about herself to share with readers.  Here they are:
1. I love ice water. The colder, the better.
2. I am a chocoholic, and justify eating it by saying there is milk in there so that makes it a dairy product.
3. I was a nanny in California for 3 years and miss San Francisco with all my heart.
4. I love to go fishing with my Dad, but am terrified of the bait and the fish. Crazy ... I know!
5. I love to spend time with my family.
So my wonderful readers, please spread the word, and let's help this would be mom (and dad) raise the money they need to bring children into their welcoming and loving home. 
Slouchy Newsboy Hat - Pick A Color
Slouchy Newsboy Hat
As part of this feature, Lisa is offering 25% off purchases in her store using coupon code YAY25 at checkout.   Please be sure to check the store out today!
Click here for:
Contact Lisa (she is custom work friendly!)


  1. I've wondered if there was a story behind Lisa's shop name, and now I know ... what a lovely Feature!

  2. What could be more of a purpose in life than to love and care for a child. I have a new found love and respect for this woman we all know as Powers Of Love. I am glad you are my friend.

  3. I love Lisa's things. :) And what could me more honorable than adoption? There are so many needing and deserving children in this world.

  4. I wish her all the best, and you are very generous to share her story with us.

  5. This is a fabulous post. Go Powers of Love.

  6. All the best in your venture! Children are such a blessing, even through adoption!

  7. I'm in love with the newborn hat. :-)

    My husband and I are looking into starting a family, too... we are not sure if we are going to do biological or adoption. It's all up in the air! Good luck to you! I'll be praying for your baby as you find your way to each other!

  8. Thank you so much for featuring me Leah. I appreciate it more than words can express.

    Also, thank you all for your kind comments. I am literally sitting here with a smile on my face and tears rolling down my cheeks. You guys are the best!

  9. Having watched several friends adopt... I can say all the waiting, struggles to raise funds and time on paperwork are well worth it.

    I hope it all comes together for you soon.

  10. It's so wonderful to get to know your fellow team members on a personal level. What an inspiring story, I wish you all the best in your adoption processes! God has a plan and his timing is perfect :)

  11. What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing!

    I have family that was told they were unable to have children and a few years later they adopted a baby girl from china. a few months later they got pregnant. now they have 3 girls in their teens, one from china and 2 biological children.

  12. Such a beautiful feature on Lisa and her shop! Thank you for sharing. Lisa, I wish you and your husband all the best in realizing your family! (GaleazGlass)

  13. Hugs to you and your Husband for wanting to give a few children a loving home and family!Thanks for sharing your story! I will add to the prayers that you get your wish soon.

  14. Great feautred of this etsyan!!!

  15. wishing them that the power of their love make all their dreams come true!

  16. This is great background about a very sweet person on our team.

  17. Great feature -- may many blessings come their way!

  18. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and comment. Please be sure to forward Powers of Love's shop information to family and friends who might need some crochet items!

  19. Awesome blog post.
    My mother teases me that we had to adopt to get a daughter just like me! lol I consider that God's grace and provision.


  20. She's a talented lady and her heart is in the right place!

  21. What a wonderful introduction :-) I'm the same way with the ice water and chocolate by the way. May God's blessings go with you through the adoption process.

  22. Amazing feature! Powers of Love --- you are to commended for the decision to adopt! There are a lot of kids who need the love that you apparently have to share!

    Great post!

  23. I am glad to have a friend like Lisa :)
    She is always make me laugh with her awesome jokes.
    I pray that one day and soon she will have all her dreams come true and hold a baby of her own in her arms:)

  24. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing and I wish Lisa and her husband the best of luck!

  25. such a beautiful story ♥
    she's got a lovely shop with beautiful items- wish her all the best!