Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shout out Thursday: CSM Artglass Jewelry

Misty Pink Swirl Pendant and Earrings Set
Misty Pink Swirl Set
As part of my blog, Thursdays are for a SURPRISE "Shout Out" to another ETSY store for product information and a review, by me. These stores are ones that I have personally done business with and have been impressed with both their product and service. Today, lets chat about:

CSM Artglass Jewelry, a beautiful ETSY store featuring hand designed fused glass jewelry.  Here you will find gorgeous earring, pendants and sets as well as dichroic glass magnets and a few vintage items.  The owner uses only high quality items in all of her pieces and puts a lot of love into her work.  An art teacher for the last 30 years with a love for creating and painting, this wonderful shop owner was first introduced to the art of glass fusing because of her curious and creative husband who took a weekend class and got his wife first intrigued, then hooked. 

Regarding her work, CMS Artglass Jewelry states, " I hope you enjoy my artful and complex dichroic fused glass earrings and pendants. Each one of a kind piece is carefully designed and crafted with several layers of glass and several firings. Beautiful art takes time, care, and patience! This is why my shop is small--each piece gets alot of individual attention. Jewelry is priced according to size, materials and complexity."

Mystery Grab Bag
Mystery Grab Bag
I happen to love surprises!  Hence, I was very curious about the mystery grab bag  offerred by CMS Artglass Jewelry for a mere $9.50 including shipping.  I purchased the item and waited, excited, to see what the mail might bring.  My order arrived very quickly and I was thrilled!  Inside was a beautiful pair of fused glass earrings with a pretty opalescent appearance.  I happen to be an October birthday girl, so these suited me perfectly.  The earrings are very similar to the ones pictured here below the grab bag and are a steal at the grab bag price!

CMS Artglass Jewelry not only sells on ETSY, but has her work in a few boutique shops and museum gift shops.  She does craft shows on occasion but regarding selling on ETSY reports it "is a great venue--I don't have to haul around tables and display racks."  What a true statement!  I highly recommend this store, her work (and her grab bag).  It's a perfect place to pick up a gift for mom this Mother's Day, for a friend, and especially for YOU!  Click on the links below and check it out today!
Romantic Firelight Artglass Earrings
Romantic Firelight Earrings

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